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Sculpt and reshape your midsection.

360 Liposuction in Corpus Christi, TX

A common desire of many men and women is to recapture their youthful, slim figure. The aging process can lead to weight gain, significantly in the midsection, and can negatively affect your self-image. While traditional liposuction can target trouble areas with stubborn fat deposits, 360 liposuction reshapes the entire core of your midriff, including the abdomen, flanks and lower and upper back, sometimes adding treatment of the arms and thighs.

Any excess skin from this procedure can be removed through a body contouring procedure as needed. 360 liposuction is designed to make the body appear toned and reshaped from every angle. By removing excess fat from all around the middle of the body, confidence can be restored and your body contours can be transformed.

360 Liposuction Results

Improved Confidence

Improved Confidence

Most patients feel self-conscious regarding their excess fat, feeling uncomfortable in their skin. After a 360 liposuction procedure, confidence is boosted and patients want to show off their new, enhanced figure.

Sculpted Body Contour

Sculpted Body Contour

Extra fat is carefully extracted to provide a more toned, evenly distributed appearance and a chiseled body. Typical liposuction targets a specific area, whereas 360 liposuction removes fat from all around the body for a fully sculpted figure.

Reduced Fat Deposits

Reduced Fat Deposits

Stubborn fat is removed through a thin tube, and the removed fat cells are gone forever. Maintaining a healthy diet with exercise can help ward off additional fat creation.

360 Degrees of Liposuction

360 Degrees of Liposuction

This procedure is customized to your unique needs to provide a thinner silhouette from every angle; it achieves 360 degrees of contoured, sculpted waistline.

What to Expect During Surgery

Step One: Anesthesia

Anesthesia is administered to provide comfort during your 360 liposuction procedure. Dr. Vijay will discuss your anesthesia options and make recommendations based on your preferences.

Step Two: Incision

After anesthesia takes effect, small incisions are made in the liposuction locations to allow access to fat tissues.

Step Three: Removing Fat

A very thin suctioning tube, known as a cannula, is inserted through the incisions, and fat is gently removed.

Step Four: Closing the Incisions

Once fat cells are removed from the desired areas, the incisions will be closed with layered sutures as well as skin adhesive or surgical tape to keep skin closed and promote healing.

Step Five: Visible Results

Each patient will yield different results from 360 liposuction depending on the severity of their needs. Results will be immediately noticeable, and as swelling dissipates, you’ll notice a more dramatic outcome.

Addressing Concerns

Frequently Asked Questions

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