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Repairing or Reshaping Your Ears With Otoplasty Surgery


Otoplasty, a procedure that is frequently performed on both adults and children, is a highly efficient treatment for addressing ears that are either overly large or asymmetrical. This corrective surgery can enhance facial symmetry and proportions, creating an overall sense of balance and harmony in the patient’s appearance.

Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele offers rhinoplasty to men and women who live in or near Corpus Christi. Call our office at (361) 888-7417 today to schedule a consultation.

Attain your ideal look with Otoplasty

Patients seeking a solution for excessively large ears can benefit from Otoplasty in Corpus Christi, Texas. Suitable for patients of all ages, this procedure can help patients overcome the social challenges associated with disproportionate or oversized ears. The Corpus Plastic Surgery team is dedicated to supporting you in achieving a boost in confidence and a higher quality of life.

While rhinoplasty offers stunning results as a standalone surgery, many patients choose to combine their rhinoplasty with other procedures to achieve even more dramatic correction to the appearance of their face. Some of these combined procedures and treatments include:

What is Otoplasty?

More commonly known as ear surgery, Otoplasty is a surgical intervention designed to reshape the ears, creating a more balanced and harmonious facial aesthetic. Often performed on children, otoplasty can address concerns related to prominent, protruding, or asymmetrical ears. By bringing the ears closer to the head, this procedure reduces facial asymmetry and improves one’s confidence in social settings.

Under the expertise of accomplished board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Vijay, otoplasty stands as a safe and effective treatment option for those struggling with excessively large ears. Dr. Vijay crafts personalized treatment plans that can help patients achieve their unique objectives, ensuring natural and improved outcomes in appearance.

What are the benefits of ear surgery?

The most notable benefits of otoplasty include:

  • Improvements in facial symmetry and proportions
  • Correction of prominent or asymmetrical ears
  • A major boost in self-confidence, which is particularly beneficial for children
  • Less incidence of teasing or social discomfort
  • Mental health improvements
  • Safe and effective for both children and adults
  • Tailored treatment plans that meet individual goals
  • Natural-looking results that are balanced and proportionate to the face
  • A procedure requiring technical expertise and artistic finesse

Who is an ideal candidate for ear surgery?

Unlike most other plastic surgery procedures, ear surgery is frequently performed on children as young as four years old. Tackling concerns related to large ears early on is vital for protecting children from years of teasing, which can negatively impact their self-esteem. That said, otoplasty is also popular among adults, as it is renowned for its safety and remarkable results.

Patients who are considering otoplasty with Dr. Vijay may be suitable candidates if they are struggling with the following conditions:

  • Stretched ear lobes
  • Torn ear lobes
  • Trauma or injury to the ears
  • Excessively large ears
  • Asymmetry

What to expect after the procedure

Most patients who choose to undergo otoplasty with Dr. Vijay are pleasantly surprised by the outstanding results. The core aim of ear surgery is to improve the patient’s natural beauty without sacrificing their identity. Dr. Vijay and his team create highly personalized treatment plans to ensure that patients look their best without leaving any obvious signs of having work done.

The timeline for recovery is as follows:

The first 24 hours: Patients must prioritize rest and hydration during this period. They are given a gentle compression dressing to wear around their ears, as they may be swollen and tender.

24 to 72 hours: Swelling will gradually dissipate during this time, with significant and perceivable improvements by the third day. The compression bandage must stay on throughout this period.

Three days to one week: Patients start to feel more at ease, with some ready to return to work. That said, those with physically demanding jobs might need additional time off.

One to two weeks: By this point, the ears look significantly less swollen, enabling patients to confidently attend social events.

By three months: While most patients feel fully healed long before this point, it can take up to three months for the residual swelling to subside.

Are there any risks?

When carried out by a certified practitioner, ear surgery seldom comes with any risks. However, as with any elective surgery, it is essential that individuals are aware of the potential risks, whether the treatment is for themselves or their child.

Though uncommon, some patients might develop a minor blood clot within the ear following otoplasty. This issue can typically be managed by simply removing the blood clot using a needle. Beyond that, there’s a slight chance of developing an infection in the ear’s cartilage, which might lead to scar tissue. In such cases, antibiotics are prescribed to swiftly knock out the infection.

Why choose Corpus Plastic Surgery?

For years, Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele has been a pillar in the cosmetic community of Corpus Christi, delivering exceptional cosmetic and surgical care. At Corpus Plastic Surgery, he is committed to assisting patients in the greater Corpus Christi area to achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

What sets Dr. Vijay apart is his dedication to communication and transparency with his patients. He diligently listens to their questions and concerns, ensuring that their goals are met. Those opting for treatments at Corpus Plastic Surgery are receiving some of the best care Texas has to offer.

Reach out to us today to set up a private consultation and learn more about the benefits of Otoplasty.

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