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Get a Fresher, Youthful Look With Facelift Surgery

Facelift in Corpus Christi, TX

In time, gravity, sun exposure and the stresses of daily life take their toll on our faces: deep creases appear beside the mouth, the jaw line slackens and folds and fat deposits appear on the neck. Facelifts counteract these problems by removing fat and tightening skin and muscles, giving your face a fresher, youthful look. After surgery, some patients appear 10 to 15 years younger.


Facelift surgery can be combined with a brow lift, eyelid surgery or nose reshaping for more dramatic results, or it can be restricted to the neck (neck lift) if the patient’s problems center there. Incisions are made in inconspicuous places, such as behind the hairline and in natural folds of the face and ears, and scars fade to near invisibility in time.

The goal is to restore a youthful facial structure by repositioning the deep facial tissues to their original position. When done well, the results are extremely natural yet dramatic. Our patients simply look fresh, rested and more youthful.

A drain may be left in place after the surgery, which is removed either the day after surgery or shortly after that.

Your surgeon may recommend fat transfer or the use of specific skin creams to improve the postoperative results further.

Due to the personal nature of these images, please schedule a free consultation to view any photos.

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Postoperative Facelift Surgery

The wound care for after surgery will be explained to you in detail during the consultation and again after the procedure. In short, after the dressings are removed, the incisions should be cleaned carefully and antibiotic ointment should be applied. The dressing should then be replaced, especially on the neck, to maximize improvement in the contour of the skin of the neck, which was provided by the facelift surgery. After the incisions have fully healed, silicone strips should be used, and these are available at our office for your convenience for a very reasonable price or at the local pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is an ideal candidate for a facelift surgery?

    Ideal candidates for a facelift are unhappy with the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin on their face and/or neck. The best candidates do not smoke and have realistic expectations of the procedure.

  • Where are the incisions for a facelift located?

    The incisions for all techniques are easily hidden within the hairline. With the traditional facelift surgery, the incision begins in the hairline at the temples, continues around the ear and ends in the lower scalp. The limited incision facelift involves shorter incisions along the same area, sometimes along with a small incision within the lower eyelids or beneath the upper lip, depending on the needs of the patient. The neck lift incisions often wrap behind each earlobe and end in the lower scalp.

  • What is recovery like?

    You should arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery and assist you for the first 24 to 48 hours of recovery. Your surgeon will prescribe medication to help minimize pain and keep you comfortable during this time. Swelling and bruising may last from a few days to a few weeks. Most patients can return to work within one to two weeks.

  • When will I see the final results of my facelift surgery?

    Most patients see significant results from their facelift surgery within six months, although subtle changes may continue to occur for up to a year after the procedure.

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Dr. Vijay is very unique in the sense of his great customer care, service and experience. He approaches each client as an individual and takes the time to thoroughly understand their needs and desired results.

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