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Now Offering Brow Shaping and Tinting

Brow Tinting & Shaping

All brows are not made the same! As most of us know, cookie cutter brows are not the way to go. This is why it is so hard to find someone we trust when its time to get them done. Every individual’s brows are different and should be cleaned up and shaped accordingly. Thankfully, there are now brow experts out in the world, and now here at the Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery!

There is an art to brow shaping. It is more than just a quick slap of wax to your face. Our brow specialist takes the time to measure out your brows according to your specific features. Time and effort are put into the measuring and shaping portion to assure that the end result is perfect for you specifically. To add to this standard of care, this measuring step is performed every time you come to get your brows done. Whether it is your first time or your fifteenth time, your brows will be expertly shaped before being waxed. 

Another very important key point our brow specialist emphasizes is that there should only be a big difference in the size and shape of your brows after your fist appointment. They shouldn’t become thinner and thinner after every appointment. Your unique shape should be established after your first appointment and maintained from then on.

Tinting your brows is another service you can add on that can take your brows to a whole other level! Tinting your brows allows your hairs to be darker and more defined for up to 4 weeks. The tint our brow specialist uses is a gentle, vegetable-based tint that will not ruin the integrity of your brow hairs. The tint color is customizable, allowing the perfect shade to be mixed for each client.

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