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Remove your breast implants and achieve your new ideal breasts.

Breast Implant Removal in Corpus Christi, TX

Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery and later decide that they want a different shape, size, material, or projection for their bust. The appearance of your breasts can have a significant impact on your personal identity and self-image. If you are unhappy with your breast appearance, our physicians offer breast implant removal surgery in Corpus Christi, Texas, to explant (or remove) the breast implants.

If you are unhappy with your breast appearance, our physicians offer breast implant removal surgery in Corpus Christi, Texas, to explant the breast implants.

What Are the Reasons to Have Breast Implant Removal Surgery?

To Get Better-fitting Breast Implants

To Get Better-fitting Breast Implants

Patients who are unhappy with their breast implants can remove and replace them with implants that give you the look you want. Our physicians discuss several breast implant options with you during your consultation.

To Correct Concerns

To Correct Concerns

When the breasts settle, concerns can arise, such as ruptures, rippling, asymmetry, double bubble, capsular contracture or a change in your preferences. Removing your breast implants, with or without replacement or breast lift, can provide peace of mind and a more flattering breast appearance.

To Revise Implants After Cancer

To Revise Implants After Cancer

Cancer patients or those who had BIA-ALCL are sometimes left feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable with their breasts after tissue and implants are removed. Our physicians understand these concerns and can work with you to achieve your goals.

What Is the Breast Implant Removal Process?


Ruptured breast implant, double bubble, capsular contracture, and other issues can all be corrected through breast implant removal. Some women decide to replace their breast implants while others opt for natural breast tissue without implants. There are a few options when undergoing a breast implant removal procedure, which are discussed during your consultation.

Step 1

Anesthesia is administered so the patient does not feel anything during the procedure. To ensure the safety and comfort of every patient, these details are discussed during the consultation to decide which approach of sedation is best for the situation.

Step 2

Incisions are made either along the areolas (periareolar), within the armpit (transaxillary) or along the bottom of the breast where it meets the chest wall (inframammary). The technique selected will depend on which incision was used for your initial breast augmentation.

Step 3

Implants are removed through the incisions. Sometimes, the surrounding scar tissue around the breast implants hardens and requires removal, which can either be removed all at once while still intact (en bloc capsulectomy) or removed in segments, if the entire capsule is not being excised.

If new breast implants are being placed, then that is the next step in the process. After implanting the new breast implants, the incisions are closed using sutures.


  • Recovery

    Immediately Afterward

    You can expect your recovery from breast implant removal to be similar to your primary breast augmentation recuperation. Your chest may feel tender and appear swollen and bruised but most patients are able to gently begin walking around their home. Our patients are given a post operative bra to wear.

    24 – 48 Hours After the Procedure

    After 2 days, most patients are feeling much better and able to comfortably  walk around their home. It is important during this time to take it easy, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated and follow all postoperative care instructions from your surgeon.

    1 Week After the Procedure

    Many patients feel ready to resume work and driving and can do so.

    3 Weeks After the Procedure

    Almost all of your symptoms should be resolved by the third to fourth week. Your surgeon may clear you to begin adding more physical activity after the fourth week.

  • Scars

    Scarring is unavoidable when incisions are being made. Our physicians take care to make new incisions along the previous incision lines, when possible, to avoid creating new scars. Most scarring fades over time and can be covered by bathing suits and a brassiere. Specific scar care instructions including the use of massage, silicone, and sunblock will be addressed during your visits and Dr. Bindingnavele has a specific protocol that will be given to you.

  • Cost

    Every breast implant removal procedure is fully customized, so the cost will depend on which techniques are utilized and what approach is being taken. Your cost estimate will be provided during your consultation.

  • Aftercare

    Discomfort during your recovery can be alleviated with prescription medications. Our physicians use a nerve block that significantly helps with pain after surgery. Most symptoms subside within 1 or 2 weeks. Strictly following all of your post-operative care instructions can help expedite your healing process and provide a more comfortable process.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I a good candidate for breast implant removal?

    Patients who are dissatisfied with their current breast implants or who have a concern with their implants may benefit from breast implant removal surgery. Schedule a consultation with our physicians to discuss if this procedure is right for you.

  • What will my breasts look like after my implants are removed?

    Every procedure will vary in the methods used, so it depends on your desired outcome. Many patients choose to replace their implants with a different size, shape, implant material or placement technique, which will alter the outcome. Some patients combine their breast implant removal with a breast lift to reposition the breasts on their chest and remove any excess skin, especially if no new breast implants are being placed. After a mastectomy, some patients desire a breast reconstruction to regain their feminine physique. Your surgeon can discuss what to expect during your consultation.

  • How long does the surgery take?

    Breast implant removal surgery can take between 1 and 3 hours, depending on what is involved during the procedure.

  • Can insurance cover my cost?

    Most cosmetic surgeries are not covered by insurance companies. If your breast implants are being removed for a medical reason, then your insurance policy may include coverage. Please contact your provider for further details on your insurance plan.

  • Can I remove my implants now but replace them down the line?

    Yes. Even if you choose to remove your implants now, you always have the opportunity to undergo a secondary breast augmentation sometime later. It is important to understand that additional complications may arise from repeated surgeries, as each procedure results in more scar tissue and more scarring. We suggest that you consider your long-term plans when undergoing breast implant removal and revision.

  • Will the scar tissue need to be removed during my implant removal?

    Scar tissue begins to form around the implant soon after it is inserted. Usually, this scar tissue causes no concern; however, it can occasionally tighten around the implant to result in capsular contracture. In these cases, the scar tissue must be removed during surgery. This can be done in portions (full capsulectomy) or one-piece (en bloc capsulectomy). If you are not experiencing complications with the scar tissue, it may not need to be removed during your breast revision. You should discuss your options with our physicans during your consultation.

  • If I am removing an implant due to a complication, do I have to replace that implant with one of the same size?

    Many women who undergo breast revision do so to correct an implant complication. While many women choose to only address the complication in question (and therefore only one breast), it is very possible to take this opportunity to increase or decrease the size of your implants. During implant revision, you can select larger implants, smaller implants, or those with a different profile, shape, or filling material. Breast implant removal and revision is a personalized treatment, and the specifics of your procedure will depend on the changes you wish to make to augmented breasts.

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