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Improve the quality of your skin.

Skin Treatments

Healthy, smooth skin, free of blemishes and wrinkles, can be achieved with a variety of non-surgical skincare treatments at our MedSpa.

Skin rejuvenation procedures, such as facials, dermaplaning, and chemical peels, can treat a range of dermal conditions, smoothing out the skin and bringing forth healthier skin layers. Our clinical aesthetician, offers a variety of treatments and products to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant.

We offer a range of non-surgical solutions to improve the overall quality of your skin and help complement your surgical procedures. All of our skin peels and facial treatments are customized to your skin, making your experience at our MedSpa even more about you!

Custom Facials

A facial restores the appearance of your skin, promoting hydration and balance. Putting emphasis on the basics, our facials are designed for what your skin needs.

Skin Treatments Model
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Acne Treatments

Acne is one of the more frustrating skin conditions people of all ages suffer from. Treatments aid in the healing of breakouts and irritation, along with controlling future breakouts. This treatment is simple yet effective: deep cleanse, extract and sooth.

Chemical Peel Treatments

A chemical peel is a science-based treatment that offers one of the more powerful non-surgical skin improvements available. Each treatment is customized to your skin by using the application of highly specialized acids and enzymes, allowing your skin to remove the damaged layers of cells and imperfections. Our treatments are available at 3 fundamental levels.

Chemical Peels!

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Our Return Policy

We carry a variety of medical-grade skin care products and lines at our clinic to help you achieve your skincare goals. While our goal at the Corpus Christi Institute of Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery is to make sure our product recommendations will work for you, sometimes your skin might not react as expected.

We work with our patients to choose the best products based on their skincare needs.

If you have received a skincare consultation or treatment from us, we welcome your slightly used product as a return if it did not work for you within 7 business days.

You may choose another product or get a full refund in the form of MedSpa credit. Cashback is not available. However, if you have not received treatment or consultation from us prior to purchasing a product, we are sorry to say that we cannot accept any returns (used or unused). 

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Why Choose Our Aesthetician

Our Aesthetican is very unique for her great customer care, service, and experience. She approaches each client as an individual and takes the time to thoroughly understand their needs and desired results.