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Chin Augmentation in Corpus Christi, TX

Many patients who struggle with having a misshapen or weak chin often feel that it disrupts the harmony between their facial features. A more prominent and well-defined chin can help balance the face and make a person feel more secure about their appearance. Chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure that usually involves placing a chin implant to enhance and reshape an underdeveloped or inconspicuous chin.

Table of Contents

Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?
What Are My Chin Augmentation Options?
How Long Will My Chin Augmentation Recovery Take?
What Will My Chin Augmentation Results Look Like?
What Are the Risks of Chin Augmentation?
Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Augmentation

Am I a Candidate for Chin Augmentation?

A good candidate for chin augmentation has a noticeably small chin that has no significant overbite, and your lower jaw should be set back. You must also be in good health and have realistic expectations of the procedure. Additionally, you will be asked to stop smoking a few weeks before and after your surgery to minimize the risk of complications. You may be a candidate for chin augmentation surgery if you struggle with one or more of the following deficiencies:

  • An asymmetrical chin
  • A weak chin and jawline
  • A malformed or underdeveloped chin
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What Are My Chin Augmentation Options?

Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia. This procedure can take as long as one hour depending on the amount of correction needed. A tiny incision will be placed either under the chin or inside the mouth to create a small pocket just below the muscle layer and above the jawbone.

The implant will then be carefully placed and secured within the pocket. Once your surgeon has positioned the implant to look natural and balanced, sutures will be used to close the incisions. The treated area will then be dressed in a compression garment to aid in the healing process. Because incisions are hidden in inconspicuous areas, scars will be almost imperceivable and eventually fade over time.

How Long Will My Chin Augmentation Recovery Take?

Following your chin augmentation surgery, pain, swelling and bruising can be expected. These side effects should, however, resolve after a few days. Make sure you rest with your head elevated to avoid placing tension or pressure on the treatment area and apply cold compresses to help reduce swelling. Swelling along the chin may cause it to appear shiny at first, but this will subside within a few weeks. You will be asked to avoid all strenuous activity for approximately three to four weeks after your procedure. You may return to work after one week of recovery.

What Will My Chin Augmentation Results Look Like?

You will notice an immediate improvement following your surgery. Chin augmentation patients can expect long lasting to permanent results that will boost their confidence and self-esteem as they enjoy their newly shaped chin and sculpted jawline.

What Are the Risks of Chin Augmentation?

Chin augmentation surgery does not typically result in any significant complications. Although rare, some risks may include bleeding, hematoma, scarring, infection, or implant shifting.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chin Augmentation

  • How long will my implant last?

    Your chin implant is meant to last the rest of your life but can be replaced if you desire a different look. Most patients will not require an implant replacement unless they choose to adjust their jawline again.

  • How much does chin augmentation cost?

    The cost of chin augmentation varies depending on several factors, including the extent and complexity of the procedure, the fees associated with the surgical techniques, and more. Your surgeon will be able to provide you with a personalized quote during your pre-surgery consultation.

  • Can I combine my chin augmentation with other procedures?

    While many patients get chin augmentation done alone, there is no reason this is required. Some patients may get facelift surgery, neck lift surgery, or nose surgery as part of the same operation to save money and ensure their new appearance is harmonious.

  • What are chin implants made from?

    Historically, chin implants have been made of several different materials, but today almost all chin implants are made of solid medical-grade silicone. Unlike breast implants, chin implants do not need to flex and move like tissue. Therefore, they are firmer and more form stable. This means that chin implants do not carry the same risk of rupture as breast implants and have a longer lifespan.

  • Can chin implants move?

    Following the procedure, there is a slight risk of the chin implant moving out of place. This is rare but—if it occurs—will require surgical correction. Once the recovery period is over, the chances of the chin implant moving are extremely low, except in cases of extreme facial trauma.

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