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Regain Use of Your Hands

Hand Reconstruction in Corpus Christi, TX

Did you know that hand surgery is an extensive part of training for plastic surgeons? All residency and board-certified plastic surgeons are well-trained in hand surgery. Many choose to continue performing these procedures and are quite skilled in their techniques.

Pain, swelling, numbness, immobility and weakness are some of the significant symptoms many people suffer from in their daily lives. Various factors can contribute to hand and wrist discomfort, including arthritis, chronic and acute injuries, cancer, impairments from birth and issues in the nerves, bones, tendons and arteries. If you struggle with any of these issues, then hand reconstruction surgery may help ease your symptoms.

Am I a Candidate for Hand Reconstruction?

Hand reconstruction is an excellent option for patients with any hand, finger or wrist issues or who have suffered hand trauma. The ideal patient has realistic goals and expectations, is committed to observing Dr. Vijay’s course of treatment and recovery and does not have additional medical conditions or illnesses that could hinder the healing process. Your situation will be evaluated during your consultation, and recommendations will be made to achieve your desired results.

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How Is Hand Reconstruction Performed?

Dr. Vijay can use minimally invasive methods to treat minor hand and wrist issues, resulting in a quick recovery and less scarring. Microsurgical techniques can be provided for nerve and artery repair when required, and advanced technology and methods are utilized.


Every patient will have different needs and preferences for sedation during their procedure. The procedure required will determine whether they receive general anesthesia, local anesthesia or local with sedation.

Making Incisions

The next step is to make incisions in the appropriate areas. Injuries requiring surgery can include various aspects, and the most common is tendon repair. Any time a ligament is severed or torn, the natural reaction of the tendon is to retract from the wound. Repairing this consists of retrieving ligaments and reconnecting them to restore function and movement.

Carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms can be relieved with hand surgery. If pressure is being applied to your median nerve in the carpal tunnel, it can cause numbness, tingling and pain in the fingers and hand. To relieve pressure, an incision can be made in the middle of the palm down to the wrist to allow access to the tissues causing stress on your nerves. Endoscopic carpal tunnel release is an alternate procedure, which requires smaller incisions.

Sometimes syndactyly occurs, which is when a person is born with their fingers fused together. Fingers are joined by a stretch of skin (also known as a webbing) or a partial fusion of bones. The fingers can be surgically separated to achieve improved mobility. In some cases, skin grafting may be necessary if excess skin must be removed during the procedure.

Cubital tunnel syndrome can occur when the ulnar nerve is compressed or irritated, causing symptoms such as numbness and pain (similar to carpal tunnel syndrome). Surgery to correct this involves relocating the ulnar nerve or grinding down the elbow bone to allow movement without pressing on the nerve.

In cases when an accident has occurred, the patient is taken to the emergency room immediately, and Dr. Vijay is called in to correct injuries sustained. Sometimes the emergency room may take care of injuries in the acute setting and then send the patient to Dr. Vijay in the next few days to evaluate and treat the injury. Tendon injuries and fractures are usually sent to Dr. Vijay for treatment.

Trigger finger is a condition where the fingers can lock and sometimes results in significant pain and disability. Dr. Vijay treats this condition with steroid injections and surgery as appropriate so that you can return to full function as soon as possible.

Ganglion cysts form on the tendons and are not typically painful but can produce a tingling, awkward sensation if they are applying pressure to a nerve. Surgery to excise them includes draining any fluid then removing the skin and surrounding tissue.

Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition that can result in the inability to fully straighten the fingers. This can be slowly progressive and can also result in significant disability. Dr. Vijay will either inject a medication in the office to help with this or perform surgery as appropriate to allow for improved function of the hand.

Closing Incisions

Incisions are closed with surgical sutures to hold the skin together and promote healing.

How Long Is My Recovery After Hand Reconstruction?

Every situation will differ depending on your unique procedure. For minor procedures, patients may heal within a week. In most cases, recovery can take between two to six weeks. Extensive surgeries may require physical therapy and an extended recovery period. Our office works closely with local occupational therapists to provide options for a rapid return to your daily activities.

What Results Can I Expect From Hand Reconstruction?

Regardless of your hand concerns, Dr. Vijay has a solution to reconstruct and correct existing symptoms as best as possible. Patients can expect improved mobility in their wrists, hands and fingers depending on their procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Vijay

Dr. Vijay is very unique in the sense of his great customer care, service and experience. He approaches each client as an individual and takes the time to thoroughly understand their needs and desired results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hand Reconstruction