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Breast Lift During Pregnancy

Posted February 20, 2019 in Breast Surgeries

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Pregnancy and Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation is not affected by pregnancy, but breast tissue and breast skin elasticity will experience normal changes associated with pregnancy and hormones. Women who gain more than the appropriate amount of weight too fast during pregnancy will experience more stretching of the skin than normal. This excessive weight gain may result in a permanent condition called breast ptosis or sagging breasts which may require plastic surgery including mastopexy (breast lift surgery) to correct the size and shape of the breasts and remove any excess skin.

It’s common to experience an increase in breast size during pregnancy. This is a normal condition preparing your body for breastfeeding and will affect the shape of your breasts, but not necessarily in a permanent way. Not all breast changes during pregnancy require a mastopexy surgical procedure.

Will my breast shape return to normal after pregnancy?

After pregnancy and weaning, most women will experience a return to their previous breast size and appearance. Maintaining a balanced diet and staying active through moderate exercise will prevent unnecessary weight gain that will have long term effects on the breasts.

It’s almost impossible to predict the effects of an individual pregnancy on all types of breast implants. Some plastic surgeons advise their patients to postpone breast implant surgery until they are finished having children. This may prevent a later plastic surgery to lift the breast (mastopexy) after pregnancy.


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