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How To Prepare For Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted February 17, 2019 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Surgeries

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Approximately One Week Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

Proper preparation for breast augmentation surgery is vital for a successful procedure achieving optimal natural breast size and breast shape results.

Make sure your surgeon is aware of all current illnesses, medications, vitamins and other supplements (including herbal) that could affect your surgical procedure.

A Few Days Prior to Breast Augmentation Surgery

Take this opportunity to catch up on cleaning, shopping and other things you won’t be able to do for a few days after breast augmentation surgery. Some patients even prepare meals the night before surgery to lessen the burden of family members taking care of them.

Try to avoid others with colds, flu or other contagious diseases. You can help accomplish this by washing hands frequently and avoiding Doctor’s offices and hospitals if at all possible.

Your surgery will most likely be an outpatient procedure so you will need to make plans ahead of time for a ride home from the surgery center or hospital. It will also be necessary for someone to help care for you during the first 48 hours post-surgery. This will allow you more rest time, necessary for an optimal recovery with no complications. You only get one chance to heal properly.

Daycare or arrangements with a family member will be necessary for the first 48 hours. If you have young children that need to be lifted you will need to make arrangements for childcare or someone to be with you for several days. Avoid trying to care for your pets during this time as well. It would be best to have someone else take care of them for you.

Stock a supply of simple foods like crackers, soups, sports drinks, and meal supplement drinks. These will be handy in the event you have stomach upset or don’t feel like eating. Your surgeon should allow you to fill all post-operative prescriptions in advance and provide you with a list of dressings, supplies and OTC medications you might need for dressing changes.

Buy a few sets of comfortable, easy access outfits and sport type bras. Bras that open in the front are best as your range of motion will be limited for a few days.

The Day Before Surgery

Do any last minute chores and get plenty of rest. Most surgeries require you NOT to eat or drink after a certain time in the evening. For your breast implants surgery, make sure you DO NOT eat or drink according to your surgeon’s pre-operative instructions.

Surgery Day

Get up in time to take a good hot shower before going to the hospital. An anti-bacterial soap or shower gel like DIAL is usually recommended. Keep it simple. No perfume, make-up or deodorant after your shower.

Take care of yourself and don’t do too much. Let other’s do the work for a change.

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