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The Doctor Is In: Curing Headaches – Cluster Headaches and Migraines

Posted September 07, 2015 in Videos


Dr. Vijay discusses the differences between migraine and cluster headaches includng treatment and prevention. Migraine headaches can be very debilitating and the most effective form of treatment is prevention. Just as debilitating but much more rare are cluster headaches. There is no particular cause that has been identified, but they tend to occur during seasonal changes. The best way to determine what kind of headache is affecting you is to review your headache history with your physician. Establishing a headache pattern can help determine what kind of headaches you are suffering from. Dr. Vijay also warns that if you suffer an acute onset, intense headache unlike any you have suffered before, you should seek immediate medical attention to rule out something more serious. Maintaining a regular sleep/wake pattern is the first step toward prevention. Avoiding too much alcohol, maintaining your regular amounts of caffeine and being healthy overall helps to avoid headaches. If you continue to have debilitating headaches it is important to work with your physician to determine an effective treatment/prevention course of treatment.