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Breast Augmentation Consultation

Posted January 30, 2019 in Breast Augmentation, Breast Surgeries

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What to Expect During Your Breast Augmentation Consultation

Before breast augmentation surgery you will have an in-depth consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. This will be your best opportunity to ask questions about the surgeon’s experience, the breast augmentation procedure and the desired breast shape results of your surgery. Having a prepared list of questions will help direct your conversation and keep you from forgetting an important topic.

Your surgeon should discuss your viability as a breast implant patient, the differences in saline and silicone gel implants, possibilities regarding breast size, shape and how the implants fit your chest muscles or your particular body, including the benefits and risks of breast augmentation surgery. For a complete understanding of your expectations versus actual surgery outcomes, your plastic surgeon should provide a breast augmentation photo gallery of before and after results.

Medical History is Important in determining whether you are a good candidate for plastic surgery

Your medical history, including allergies, medical conditions, and family history will be an important part of your initial breast augmentation consultation. At the surgery center, you will be asked to list past surgeries, current medication list, including supplements, herbal and over-the-counter medicines. All of this information is necessary for your surgeon to determine if you are a viable candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

Choose a plastic surgeon that’s right for you

The surgeon will discuss which procedure will achieve the most desired results. Different techniques are used by different surgeons in performing breast augmentation. The best procedure is chosen based on each individual patient and their preferences and needs.

Your surgeon should welcome all your questions and answer them thoroughly during your breast augmentation consultation. This is important because if you forget a question or are afraid to ask you will worry or wonder about unanswered questions when you are home. This will be an unnecessary frustration that could affect your decision-making process regarding breast augmentation surgery. Take lots of notes at this time because you may forget some things later if you don’t have them written down for reference.

Choosing the right Breast ImplantS Type

When choosing the size and type of breast implant that will be used, several factors will be considered. A patient’s overall body type, skin elasticity, and particularly breast make-up and anatomy are key factors that will determine the types of implants chosen.

At your breast augmentation consultation, your surgeon will tell you that most patients choose saline breast implants which are filled with sterile salt water. The amount of saline in the implant can vary affecting the feel, firmness and actual shape of the breast. Saline implants are harmless to patients and in the case of a leak, the saline will be absorbed naturally by the body.

Silicone breast implants can also be used and are filled with an elastic gel. The gel has the feel and movement similar to natural breast tissue. If a silicone breast implant leaks, the gel may escape into the area of tissue in which the breast implant was placed.

About Dr. Vijay

Dr. Vijay Bindingnavele is a board certified plastic surgeon who offers all aspects of breast surgery including breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy. View breast augmentation before and after photos, schedule a breast augmentation consultation and learn more about cosmetic surgery at Corpus Christi Institute for Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery.